There are many factors that must be taken into account when making the decision to invest in a foreign market and the United States offers a series of advantages, but there are also some key aspects that must be taken into account before investing, this post will answer some of the frequently asked questions by foreign investors in the United States.

1- Can you only buy in the State of Florida or can it be in any city in the USA?

You can do it in any city in the USA

2- What is the interest rate of this type of credit? And can they be fixed until the total payment of the credit?

Rates are fixed for 30 years and Interest starts at 8.24% for residential properties and 9.5% for commercial properties.

3- What are the precautions that are needed?

preliminary requirements:
• Complete a loan application.
• Copy of Valid Passport and American Visa.
• A utility bill with the applicant’s name and address.
• Two most recent US bank statements showing funds for transaction and loan closing.
• The Client must close the loan in the name of a company (We facilitate the management of the Company).

4- Can this type of credit be paid in advance?

Of course you can do it.

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