Want to buy a home but don’t know how to get a home loan? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a homeowner in no time.

Have money reserved: 100% does not correspond only to the financing expense, there are other disbursements that must be taken into account.
Payment capacity: Calculate the percentage of income that will be used to pay fixed expenses and debts, in this case the loan or credit.
Amount to borrow: This varies depending on the entity or the type of financing that may be available.
House price: Analyze your options and choose one that fits your savings and the ability to pay that you calculated.
Compare different bank offers: If you opt for this type of financial institution, remember that it is a long-term financial commitment that you must carefully evaluate.
Assess the hiring of insurance: This may be adequate to protect the home and deal with damage.
Contract for signature: Carefully study each statute, commitments, agreed price, penalties, among others.

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