Owning a house is a fact of great emotion, illusion and importance because it is not only finding the perfect place for you, but it also represents a significant amount of money that you must have, as well as a series of documentation and procedures that they can take us by surprise.

So, if you have already made the decision to acquire your own home, you should know that you will need to meet several requirements to achieve it legally and successfully. In this opportunity, we will review some of the requirements to be met to buy a property in the United States.

• Complete the Mortgage Loan application form.
• Copy of Valid Passport and US Visa
• A utility bill from the country where you reside with the applicant’s name and address.
• Bank account in the USA
• Close the loan in the name of a Company
• 35% Initial

Remember that one of the fundamental steps to make the purchase is to define the source of financing, since the vast majority of the first buyers finance their home, while a very low percentage is represented by regular buyers.

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